cycleWASH® miniDUO (upgrade 2022) Semi-Automatic
cycleWASH® miniDUO (upgrade 2022) Semi-Automatic
cycleWASH® miniDUO (upgrade 2022) Semi-Automatic
cycleWASH® miniDUO (upgrade 2022) Semi-Automatic
cycleWASH® miniDUO (upgrade 2022) Semi-Automatic
cycleWASH® miniDUO (upgrade 2022) Semi-Automatic
cycleWASH® miniDUO (upgrade 2022) Semi-Automatic

cycleWASH® miniDUO (upgrade 2022) Semi-Automatic

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Machines and Spare Parts are Delivered from our production facility in Cologne - EXW Incoterm

cycleWASH® mini DUO (upgraded 2022)

The new generation of semi-automatic mobile bike cleaning with PRO and ECO mode:

The ECO mode (optional) does not have a permanent water connection and can be run on site with a few buckets of water. The water is filtered and reused in the machine. This is perfect for events and mobile application. It also reduces the water consumption and produces less waste water. 

The PRO mode, needs a fixed fresh water connection. The cleaning agent is dosed through computer controlled valve and offers consistent cleaning behavior. The water consumption is usually about 4 l / min much lower than a high pressure cleaner.

  • mobile bike cleaning for the workshop or events
  • the bike is cleaned from both sides by pushing the bike between two rotating brushes
  • minimum water consumption due to closed water circuit with impeller pump
  • Adjustable nozzles for optimum efficiency
  • soft EASYClick washing brushes for gentle cleaning
  • Wheel turning unit for easy rim and tire cleaning
  • Single row black PE spray protection brushes on top and sides
  • high-quality construction materials - high-quality plastic housing and stainless steel frame
  • Power connection: 230 V, 1 Phase 16A
  • Power peak 1.7 kW with Ultrasonic. 1,1 kW without Ultrasonic
  • Control cabinet - Dust and splash protection IP54 according to VDE and CE standards


  • patented 600 W SMART ultrasonic cleaning of the tires as well as high-quality carbon rims with wheel turning unit (3500 €)
  • Cashless payment with touch display for self-service (1290 €)
  • Eco mode with water treatment (1100 €)
  • Mains independent operation with solar power (please consult us)
  • Frost protected to - 20 degrees with heating module (3400 €)
  • Uno Fluid Gun Eco (890 €)

      The cycleWASH UNO Fluid Gun is available as an accessory separately to all cycleWASH bicycle washing systems. With this you can pre-clean, rinse and air-dry your bike

      Due to the use of air pressure, the cycleWASH UNO Fluid Gun has a very low water consumption – less than 100 ml/min. – and is nevertheless extremely gentle on sensitive parts such as bearings, seals, nabs, chain, lettering

      Dekra tested and CE compliant

      width x depth x height

      1435 x 1030 x 1220 mm
      (without Ramps)
      3340 x 1030 x 1220 mm
      (with Ramps)
      215 – 240 kg
      (depending on configuration)
      NEW compared to the previous mini
      Electronic torque limiter
      2x IP65 motors with electronic torque limitation for brush rotation 

      Optimized design
      new facelifted plastic body

      Supports both PRO mode with automatic cleaning agent dosing and ECO mode with recycling of Water

      Patented 600 W SMART Ultrasound Cleaning
      tires as well as high-quality carbon rims
      Bearings with Pendulum function enabling very smooth and quite  operation of rotating wash brushes

      Numerous software and electronics upgrades

      For more information, please visit our website:

      Bearings and drives designed for more than 20,000 operating hours. Wash brushes designed for over 60,000 washing operations. With cycleWASH Care you extend the warranty to 3 years. A maintenance contract for two years is mandatory

      Our offer is based on our General Terms and Conditions (GTC), which you can view on our website. On request, we will be happy to send them to you.

      * The delivery date is confirmed in the sales order. Normally, delivery takes place within 8 weeks of receipt of payment.