cycleWASH® Station Advance
cycleWASH® Station Advance
cycleWASH® Station Advance
cycleWASH® Station Advance

cycleWASH® Station Advance

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Machines and Spare Parts are Delivered from our production facility in Cologne - EXW Incoterm

Manual Bicycle cleaning in an environmentally friendly and thorough manner.

  • Mobile Bicycle cleaning for the workshops and events
  • Automatic soap dosing with 10 l canister
  • Cleaning water spray pressure below 3 bars 
  • The bike is cleaned from one side by manually pushing (semi-automatic) the bicycle against the rotating brush and then second pass for the other side
  • Need fresh water connection and waste water connection
  • Adjustable water spraying nozzles
  • Soft EASYClick wash brushes for gentle cleaning
  • Wheel-turning unit for easy wheel rims and tire cleaning
  • HDPE Plastic waste water collection ramps
  • Additionally the bike can be cleaned and dried manually using the UNO Fluid Gun by opening the splash window
  • Splash protection Black PE brushes on top and PC Sheet for front window
  • High-quality materials used in construction – high grade plastic housing and Stainless Steel Frame
  • Electrical panel – dust & spray water protection IP54 according to VDE and CE standards

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