cycleWASH® Pflegekraft
cycleWASH® Pflegekraft

cycleWASH® Pflegekraft

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Machines and Spare Parts are Delivered from our production facility in Cologne - EXW Incoterm

Wellness for your bike - Only the best for your bike!

Pflegekraft - our organic multi-talent: Due to the oily and acid-free composition, Pflegekraft cleans and lubricates atthe same time. In addition to the application to bicycle chains and sprockets, greasy dirt can also be removed on frames, pedals or suspension forks. Pflegekraft can be applied to lacquered and unpainted aluminium, carbon, stainless steel, chrome, plastic and powder-coated surfaces.

  • label-free — good for the environment and for you!
  • also suitable for pedelecs & e‑bikes
  • contains no fragrances and dyes
  • silicone-free and productive
  • protects against corrosion

    HSCode: 34031999

    All our care products are based on natural substances and are biodegradable.

    more information can be found on our website:

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    Please find more information on our website:

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