Mobile Point Solar Generator
Mobile Point Solar Generator
Mobile Point Solar Generator
Mobile Point Solar Generator

Mobile Point Solar Generator

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Machines and Spare Parts are Delivered from our production facility in Cologne - EXW Incoterm

Our Mobile Point can transport all cylceWASH Machines and provide power using solar energy to run them without need for a wall power connection. In case of overcast clouds when sun energy is limited, the batteries can be charged so that you can run the machine off the battery power alone. The solar power unit includes connection for input current for the battery charger. This acts as a transfer switch in case the batteries are running low so that they can be charged through wall outlet. This process is fully automatic and the system takes care of load and charging based on smart algorithms e.g. SOC.

The system includes :

cycleWASH Custom Trailer, which is specially designed to transport our Machines. 

Solar Panels is recommended to be removed & stowed during transportation. The mounting of Panel is easy with pluggable cables & easy Setup during operation. 

SMART Lithium Ion Battery Pack (configurable upto 8x 200Ah) with extremely high cycle life (over 4000 cycles at 92% DoD) . Using Bluetooth you can find out Charge-/ Discharge cyclesCharge-/ Discharge currentBattery voltageBattery temperatureState of charge (SoC)Remaining capacityTotal capacity.

MPPT Solar Charger - 150 Volts /70 Amps

BMS - Battery Monitor System - protection for the batteries

Integrated color display for monitoring and configuring the system

SMART dongle for Bluetooth connection

Bus Bars, Wiring and Mega-Fuses


  • BASIC Model with Inverter / Charger - 230 V / 3000 VA Output
  • Advance Model with Inverter / Charger - 230 V / 5000 VA Output
  • Pro Model with 3 Intverter / Charger - 400 V / 3000 VA Output
  • Pro Plus Model with 3 Inverter / Charger - 400V / 5000 VA Output